REVIEW: EcoHome Air Conditioner Optimizer — How Much Will It Save You?

Steve’s Bottom Line: The EcoHome is a reliable, pain-free way to cut your electric bill without changing the thermostat

Confession: I’m part of the problem.

I live just outside Phoenix. Like most Arizonans, I use my air conditioner 12 months of the year. I’d like to be more efficient, but it’s just too hot for my dogs.

And like most Arizonans, I’m sick of the electric bills. They’ve been around $350-400 for years, no matter how much I change my thermostat.

So I was intrigued when I heard I could cut 20-40% off my electric bill by installing the EcoHome, a little box that turns your air conditioner into a ‘smart appliance.’

It’s not a smart thermostat — actually, it works without affecting the temperature of your home at all.

EcoHome actually works on the biggest energy hog in your A/C system — the compressor — to get more cooling out of less work.

As some of you might remember from my old blog posts, I used to be an HVAC technician. So I was familiar with this tech from some newer offices I’ve worked in, but I didn’t think it would work on a scale as small as my house.


I Was Convinced After My 1st Electric Bill

An old friend from work said he swore by the EcoHome, so I decided to pick one up. It was around $500, which might seem expensive… but it’s a drop in the bucket if the thing actually works.

Installation was a total snap for me, but if you’re not familiar with your houses electrical system it’s probably best to use their home installation offer.

Turn it on, and the EcoHome will instantly start optimizing your A/C.

I won’t get into the technical details, but it basically uses some pretty interesting technology to regulate fluid dynamics, pumping more coolant when it’s most efficient to do so.

When I got my first electric bill, I found that EcoHome had lowered it by about $50 over my bill at the same time last year. The next month? $85.

It’ll pay for itself in about 10 months. Your mileage may vary, but even by the conservative estimates on their website, most homeowner’s should pay it off in a little over a year.

After that? It’s all gravy, just saving money and saving the planet. I’m no Greenpeacer, but it’s good to shave some damage off my eco-footprint.

Also: I have a pretty old A/C unit, so I was worried the EcoHome wouldn’t work, but it installed just fine. Plus I can put off replacing it for a little while longer.

The Verdict

The technology makes total sense to me, as an old HVAC guy, and I can assure you that EcoHome is the real deal. Anyone who uses their A/C a lot will save big with this thing.

And you don’t have to adjust your thermostat one iota.

My one gripe? It’s not that easy to find an EcoHome.

You can only get EcoHome on the Internet. It’s not at Home Depot yet… and EcoHome is only available to Arizonans and Texas as part of their staggered release.

To see if you’re eligible for EcoHome, just go to the website here

The faster you get an EcoHome, the more money you stand to save.