How efficient should your Air Conditioner be?

Energy efficient appliance is high in demand, mainly because they reduce energy consumption as well as electricity bill. A lot of global brands have come up with alternatives that consume relatively lesser energy.

But with the development of energy efficient Air conditioners, the world of technology had taken a positive turn toward saving energy. Air conditioners are said to consume a lot of energy even when they are on standby mode or turned off. Such energy consumption is known as phantom load, and it increases electricity usage by about 75%.

Energy Efficient Ac

While the build of the AC affects the energy consumption, the user can make some changes in order to ensure energy-efficient performance.

  • Utilize sleep mode to automatically turn the AC off when the required cooling is achieved.
  • Using ceiling fan allows constant cooling even at high temperature settings, as the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room
  • Try to maintain a temperature that is not too hot, neither too cold. This will make the room comfortable along with less electricity consumption (usually 25-26 degree Celsius)
  • Cleaning the filters regularly ensures that the unit cools down faster and thus saves energy. The longer the cooling time, the more the electricity consumption.
  • The room should be insulated properly so that the cold air doesn’t escape outside. This should also prevent hot air to reach the interior and affect cooling.
  • Split/ inverter ACs consume lesser energy when compared to their window counterparts.
  • Freon gas levels is another parameter that needs to be monitored regularly. If the levels of the gas are not right, it make lead to consumption of a lot of energy, and the cooling won’t be as desired.

One should look for the ENERGY STAR label in the AC they choose. Energy efficient ACs are usually certified this way and the number of star differs from one model to another. These ACs also have a lower annual operating cost (less by about 25%), which means one can save more.

Here are the top energy efficient ACs that give steady cooling along with a steady saving.

Energy Efficient Ac Unit

  • Hitachi: With a 5 star ENERGY STAR rating, these air conditioners are considered the best in the market. They use a rotary compressor and require a power input of 1030 watts
  • Whirlpool: Another 5 star appliance, they come with sleep and auto off mode which in turn saves more energy. They also have a 16 step temperature control system and is priced at a reasonable rate.
  • Godrej: Rated 5 star, they offer similar features as above but is priced slightly higher than the rest, mainly because of their noise reduction feature.

Buying an energy efficient AC is a smarter option as it saves energy and the electricity bill. One should do a proper research before choosing the correct AC for their use, which in turn depends on a lot of factors, mainly the size of the room. The more specific the air consider, the better the cooling and greater the saving. Energy efficient ACs contribute to a healthier environment.

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